How I groom my eyebrows , At home!! 

Hey guys welcome back. So it is a known fact that our eyebrows are one of the most important part on our face to maintain . It defines your face frame and gives you depth. 

I have found that a lot of women tend to have good Hair growth up until they start plucking them regularly. 

By the time we reach our prime of 25 , most I’ve found have faced this problem. Thinning is usually caused by over plucking, and also low maintenance. There are however a lucky few who do have thick texture. 

So I’ve written this blog just to help you out as to how I do my brows. Here’s a little history on mine:

I started threading my brows only when I started out in college , a good 17 years of bush on my face. Which I was very happy with. By the time I started working I found threading was the only way I could groom my brows. That was because I was unaware of other methods. Threading just took 4 years to size down my thick brows. Alternately you can also opt for sugaring than waxing.

I don’t want to lie but I still do visit the parlor for a threading session once every 35- 40 days.

My routine: 

1. I first start of by plucking those extra growths on your eye lid . So concentrate on the areas below your eyebrows 

I only remove extras so make sure you are not over plucking 

2. Next I trim the front edge of the eyebrows using a scissor, now they do have professional salon eyebrow scissors. Buy hey I’m a lazy girl 🙄 

To do this you can place your finger on the eyebrow and slightly check for growth 

3. Next you need to align your eyebrow frame to your face. 

A. Your eyebrow stars at the line starting from your nose , as seen below : 

B. The highest point or arch  needs to be in angle with your nose 

C. The end / tail of the eyebrow needs to end where your nose ends it’s angle with it. 

4. Ensure that this is the template you follow for filling in your eyebrows .

Note: always remember that you need to start filling in from the highest angles of your brows. 

5. Eyebrows need to be filled last to first. Which means that the tail is darker than the start. So they look natural. 

Eyebrows and Products 

I prefer to use an eyebrow pencil when I’m going for a precise and defined eyebrow. I go for darkest brown to black . 

I also use eyebrow filler powder , in gray shade when I just need them to stay on . HA 

You can also set your eyebrows with a gel so they stay in place. But as I do not face any such problems. I don’t have the  need to. 

I do this personal grooming every twice in a month so I avoid going to the parlour. 

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Until next time- keep it classy 😘


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