Everyday Glam Makeup Look 

Hey lovelies ! It has been way too long , I apologise but I realised I haven’t done a makeup look in like so long. I have been doing a lot of other things . 

So here is my version of the basic everyday Glam look. So I noticed that “Debasreee Banerjee” of YouTube fame has also done something eerily similar . 

The camera quality for me sucks ! But trust me guys this is exactly what mine looks like. But please do note that I give you budget options and nothing more than what is above the average girls pocket price. 

Okay here are the products I’ve used: 

*Any foundation of your choice. 

*I’ve filled in my eyebrow with brown shadow – eyebrows are the most important part of your face, remember that they frame it. Complete your eyebrows before working on any other part. 

*Post priming my lids , I’ve used a light brown shadow to define my crease , concentrating on the outer eye area

*Next I’ve gone back below the crease with a darker maroon 

*You would need to go back on both the colours multiple times to achieve the desired look 

*You can stop your eye look here but for an evening out you can just add a tint of matte black towards your outer corner

*It is always best to take your time out and blend these colours into your defined area

*I’ve added fake lashes in PAC 30 to give it a doll like finish 

*Make sure to add mascara before the fakes as we would want the lashes to blend in well

*For the lips I’ve mixed two colours. It gets too monotonous using a single shade. I’ve mixed PAC retro gloss in 16 with the Nykaa Bon Bon creme lipstick (chocolate brown shade) 

*You can add a pop of blush if needed , and we’re done ! 

I hope you liked this easy everyday Glam- you can always go in and experiment with your own shades on this look – basic or wild 

Make sure you are following me on my Instagram handle for more updates and my snap handle for life updates . 

Until next time keep it sexy 💋


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