Wedding Blog: Akshata weds Pramodh (Konkani Indian Wedding) 

Hey guys so I’m introducing a new section to my blog.. the narrative of a beautiful gathering together of two souls. My best friend recently got hitched and who better than me to pen it down for a lifetime of memories. Also not to mention that this was my first bridal assignment ! ❤

Marriages are a joyful get together of two families, it is the celebration of two becoming one. Indian marriages have always been as complex as a subject to everyone.. The daughters farewell to the family and every ritual it encompasses.

Witnessing this journey was sure to bring tears of joy to dear ones and an aura of memories to her parents.

The bride and groom are from a maharashtrian – kannadiga background. This was a konkani wedding

The Bangle Ceremony

Traditionally the night before the bride gets married, all women folk get their bangles worn by a master, it symbolizes the beginning of celebration and new life



Here is a small glimpse of mine as well 😝

That night was definitely chaotic with absolutely zero sleep – pending arrangements and the brides skin care .. it seemed enough is enough 😣

Bride’s Night before routine 

Now my client was prone to extremely dry and flaky skin , although she did not have any acne or breakout the night before we were still worried if the makeup would sit on such a skin with zero moisture lock

The only solution in such a case was constant monitoring and moistirization . Reapplication of non greasy face creams and a healthy dose of coconut oil smeared for an overnight soak. Not to forget the lips – a healthy lip scrub or plain coconut oil will do the trick.

We left the skin bare with no makeup for most of the day before her wedding – thus ensuring there is less buildup on skin causing it to be less irritable.

Here are some creams that may be useful for you, if you face this issue:

– Clinique Moisture Surge

– Cetaphil

– Coconut oil ( for the old fashioned ones )


We woke up at 3 AM ! Barely enough sleep , but there was so much to do. We left for the mantap (traditional place sometimes next to a temple where marriages take place in India)

This greeted us , the sight of a decorated house

The feeling was sinking in.. and for the bride it was only a matter of time. Not a single dry eye as she walked out of her home one last time to become the groom’s forever.
The mantap was set and ready. But we were barely close to the muhurat time. A stream of rituals ensued with the bride, the groom. Coming of the groom, his welcome by the bride’s parents etc.,


We kept the makeup to bare minimum with just the eyes and lips done .


The rituals went on for about 3 hours, as would any indian wedding.

Bridal look 

Here is the beautiful saree my client adorned for her muhurat

The products I used were mostly affordable and yet highly recommended. Some I have listed below if you are interested for a buy , these were extremely impressive and did the job looking like a million bucks 😍

– Provoc Contour kit in shade medium: 1295 INR

– PAC primer : 750 INR

– Maybelline color show in shade Chilli: 350 INR

– PAC beauty blender : 395 INR

– PAC loose Glitter in shade Gold : 600 INR

– Ardell Lashes & PAC Lashes

– Maybelline Fit me Compact : 525 INR ( it was perfect to set almost any makeup)

As you can see I cannot stop raving about PAC and they are exclusively available on Amazon and nykaa apart from their home site.  If you want to know more , make sure you check out my previous blog on an elaborate review of PAC cosmetics 

Here are some tense moments from the dressing room:


Here is the finished look ! Mild Foiled Gold eyes were the highlight on the face


Here is a small glimpse of me donning a beautiful pure silk in red , I’m in absolute love with this gorgeous saree !


Here are the bride and groom – our newly married couple


With this i also wish my best friend a very happy , long and joyous married life 🙂 Also Im thankful for her being a good human being and the best friend i ever had in Banaglore , she helped me with my makeup obsession and gave me a chance to be her Makeup dresser for her Big day . Thanks Love !



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