A Thank You Note: Celebrating 1 year at The All Things Gurl Blog 

Hi loves, so this is a special post dedicated to all my readers and followers. Many a times we tend to forget to thank people , we forget to show them the gratitude they deserve.. 

So I wanted to write up this blog to speak out to let you know that you are important. To thank you for being with me. 

My Journey: 

I started this blog on April 27th 2016, although the idea was very much with me almost from 2015. I had a lot of encouragement from my friends. I want to thank Chithra if she is reading this. I could have never mustered up the courage to do it if it weren’t for you. 

Ever since Ive started this blog, I’ve faced a lot of backlash. To an extent that I was abandoned by a lot of people. My creative inputs were never heard. 

Despite this, I continued writing. I did everything possible to keep my Blog up and working. Even if it meant sleepless nights. Towards the second half of last year I found myself being recognized. 

Although I am not where I would want to be. I will still keep dreamimg. Because I know- you can fly only when you dream of it . 

A Message: 

And to you my lovely readers I just want to tell you to not stop dreaming. If you want something don’t stop fighting. 

If you know you’re good at it, give it a shot. A lot may leave you, a lot may mock you. But do it for the ones who love you. 

Thanks again my gurls army.. we have many more years ahead of us. I love you ❤


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