Mini Travel Blog: Hyderabad 

Hey guys, so I thought it would be fun to share some travel experiences with you. So I had a very short trip to Hyderabad last month. And here are few things I got to do . 

Day 1 

I landed on a Saturday. It was a 12 hour journey via train from Bangalore to Secunderabad junction. Do note that you will need to book your tickets a little in advance because it often does get a little difficult to get the seats you are looking for especially when you are group of people. 

The whether during this time of the year (Summer) is HOT ! Temperatures fluctuate between 36 degrees to a max of 41 degrees. 

 I visited the famous Tank bund road , Hussain Sagar Lake, necklace road and their eat street. I have been here a couple of times but it did look like there was some renovation going on. The traffic is definitely something you would have to calculate on in case you have plans on the same day.

Day 2 

Easter ! I got some good time to spend with my extended family. Church was definitely a priority. Here is the casual look I sported 

We headed over to a coffee shop nerby to catch up on some gossip! Here are a couple of light moments 

I later did go for some ethnic shopping , it was fun . Mu destination : Kalanjali. Keep watching this space for more on that. 

I left back to Bangalore that night. I took the bus this time and I reached in no less than 9 hours ! How amazing. I can’t wait to go back to the land of the Nizam 🙂

Tip: Carry a scarf ! Always wear your spf and you are good to go! 
Saree shopping destinations: Chennai Shopping mall, South India shopping mall

Thats all guys ! I wish I could have stayed longer though .. buy if you like what you see follow me. I love to hear back from you till next time keep it classy 😘


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