5 Summer essentials you need – Right now! 

Hey pretty ladies ! Global warming is definitely taking a toll on the climate and the recent weather has been proof of that. So guys it’s time for us to pull up our socks and make a difference to our planet ! 

With that aside we really need to know what we need and don’t need when it comes to taking care of your skin. 

I have listed just 5 important essentials you would require not now but every time during these hot summers. 

Essential 1: Sun Screen Lotion 

Yes yes yes ! I love me some sunscreen. Lol. But guys I cannot stress the importance of a good old sunscreen. I have previously received a lot of questions on this topic , here are the questions and answers to them : 

Q1. What is it / Why do I need it? 

A sunscreen also called a SPF ( sun protection formula) it is a lotion that protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Q2. What is UVA / UVB / Can I just opt for one of these?

So this actually stands for Anti-ageing and blemish protection . You need both. 

Q3. What SPF do I need for Indian weather/ should I opt for the highest (e.g 70 SPF) 

The spf rate on the product actually shows you the time line for the product. So for example 30 spf would mean 300 minutes of protection. 

You need to choose your sunscreen based on the time you will spend outside in the day. But reapplication is a must

If you have any other questions please feel free to write back to me 

Essential 2 : Moisturizing Lotion 

The use of this lotion is a must on summer days, it can keep your skin hydrated and fresh. However you need to be wise enough to chose the right one for your skin type. If you have oily skin you would need to go in for a non greasy formula. 

Try the Cetaphil moisturizer ! 

Essential 3 : Dry Shampoo 

Let’s face it we all sweat and so does our scalp and it’s impossible to wash your strands every now and then. It’s useful to carry a dry shampoo handy in your bag to spray it on. 

Works like a shampoo with 0 water. ! Batiste dry shampoo ranges are my recommendation as they come in travel friendly sizes. 

Essential 4: Lip Balm 

Your lips need equal moisturising and care. A good Lip scrub / Balm will help it stay refreshed during these hot days. This is a true essential especially if you feel you are a regular Lip stain user. It protects your Lip. We also have options of tinted ones these days. 

I recommend the Burt Bees Lip balm or the Maybelline baby lips collection ! 

Essential 5 : Rose Water (gulaab jal) 

Your skin may tend to feel tired due to the heavy exposure to the sun, you can always spritz some rose water and let your skin absorb the goodness. 

If you do not have a spritzer handy you can opt for wet tissue in refreshing Rose or lemon extracts. 

So that’s it fellas! If you enjoyed my content do write back to me or follow me. I’m open for Beauty and fashion Collaboration! 

Until next time- keep it simple


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