Reader Requested : Coffee Face Mask – Pinterest tried 

Hey guys , I’ve received such immense positive feedback from you guys my readers , that I’m fulfilling this request. 

So one of our ardent readers wanted me to try this out – Coffee Face Mask 

What you need : Coffee , Honey and Yogurt

What it claims : Skin brightening 

What is it : Face pack

So here is what it looks like : 

Once you mix these ingredients .It should look something like this 

My skin before application 

After application and wash 

My verdict: The product smells amazing and it does not dry or itch on the skin. My skin type is dry to combination. It glides on really well. It works like a face mask. It claims that it brightens the skin, now this is very contradictory- the coffee definitely awakens my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. But I’m a little skeptical on its brightening part. Although 4 to 5 washes later you can probably see a difference in you skin , by probably 1 or 2 shades max ! 

Now another thing about this is you cannot store it for more than a day. So this has to be an instant mix that you’ll need to do. Next this tutorial also does not mention how long I’m suppose to keep it on. I left it on for 5 mins 

Thats all folks ! If you have a request too, please send it across on my social media pages . I love to hear feedback from you. Until next time , keep it simple 😊


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