Eyeshadow palettes: Maybelline Blushed Nudes Part 1

Hey guys, it has been long but I’m back with some more makeup related posts after a long time. So if you know me I’m basically an eye person- as I love experimenting with eye makeup. In fact down the line I would want to be a PRO eye makeup artist. 

As you can see this will be a detailed review / content on this palette , so I’ve divided this into 2 parts. In this blog we will look at the palette and see what’s a thumbs up and what’s not. 

Part 2 would be my looks curated from this range. 

Maybelline is a dependable drugstore brand that most of us have access to. Also one of the first in India ! With its affordable product ranges and new launches every now and then , they make sure to keep their counter parts on their toes. 

I own Maybelline products a lot more that others partially due to the availability from an earlier point in time. This is an added advantage as other products in the market would have to work twice as hard to create an impression on the Indian market. Lakme is the only other brand which has managed to do that, however please note that this is in the budgeted category. 

Dwelling right into it. Maybelline launched their Nudes palette in 2015 in the USA . Followed by the success of this they did launch a few other palettes like the 24 karat Nudes, The Rock Nudes . All of them are mediocre hits in their own categories. 
The Maybelline Blushed Nudes comes at $11.99 or 899 INR and had 12 eyeshadows and an applicator. This is what it looks like: 

So here is the first row Swatches , also I’ve included a shimmer indicator boomerang , check it out (P.S excuse my hairy hands)

Next here is the row 2 swatches and shimmer indicator. 

Pigment number 12 was a deep black with pink reflects, which I have swatched seperately along with the Maybelline Quads colour black. Now this pigment(quads) is sort of similar to this one except it has silver reflects. 

Now let’s break it down. This palette has 3 complete matte pigments, 6 semi- shimmer (which means they have reflects of pink or gold)  and 3 complete shimmer pigments. 

My review: I had huge expectations from this palette especially after trying their past collections, but it definitely falls short in terms of pigmentation. This was my only worry. 

The price point and quantity are unbeatable, shades have what it says it has- rose gold effect. Every shade is beautifully crafted. My favourite was the champagne pink.

Next is the fact that we cannot rely on transition Colors given on this palette, as they lack the pigment and finish. This can be used for lid colors and mono shading. 

Price: 8/10 

Quality: 8/10 

Quantity: 7/10 

Pigmentation: 5/10 

That’s all for part 1, stay tuned for part 2 on this folks. Until then keep it classy 😉


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