Lace Choker DIY – as seen on Forever 21 

Hey loves ! Let’s accept it we all have some point shopped online and thought about that 1 pair of dress or accessory we could not buy . Well it happened to me and it prompted me to think of an alternate solution . 

Why not make it ? So this post is about a lace choker that you can make yourself. How pleasant right ! 

So here is the original image from Forever 21 

And these are what you need: 

1. Lace- your choice of color and design 

2. Fabric Glue 

3. Satin ribbon thin 

4. Pair of scissors 

Step 1: 

Measure the lace around your neck to see the size and cut the required piece of fabric. 

Step 2: 

Now you can cut out the border or keep it as it is. I personally did not like it so I’ve removed it as such: 

Next you can cut out two separate satin ribbon pieces and attach them to the ends of the lace with the help of fabric glue. 

Step 3: 

And we are done ! You can simply wear this choker on your neck fastened with the satin . It should look like this: 

I have created another version where in I have simply put in a small piece of pearl. For this all I did was use an old bracelet that I didn’t use anymore .

Thats all folks. Here is my total project cost  = 115INR 

You can experiment and do your own thing. Go try it and let me know how your creations turned out. Tag me in your posts using TATG or my Instagram profile .

Until next time – keep it stylish ❤


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