Pinterest Tried – Rose Scrub 

Hey loves! I’m back again and I’m introducing this new section into my blogs. Not in denial but I’m a huge pinterest fan . I love exploring and trying out hacks from it. It definitely is my favourite pass time. 

And just to be honest I do try out a lot of them. So I’ve decided to include this topic wherein I would share if it “Works or Not” . 

So as you all know I did celebrate my birthday 2 weeks back and I got a bunch of Rose bouquets , I did remember pinning something of this sort on Pinterest. So I found out that there is something called a Rose Body/ Face scrub that can be made which would last long. 

Credits from Pinterest: Heidi from Happiness is homemade!

And if you are lazy to go and check that out , here it is from my end the recipe and verdict !

What you need : 

Rose Petals from 10-15 stems 

Sugar 2 cups 

Coconut oil 

Essential oil (if required)


*Seperate the rose petals from the stem and allow them to dry in the sun for a couple of hours. 

*Once they have shrunk their size they can be put into a food processor and brought down to a semi powder form

*To this add the cane sugar , now you can also opt for brown sugar as the properties are same. 

*Mix in some drops of coconut oil or until you feel it’s the right consistency

*Now you can stop here but some of you who do not like how stale roses smell you can add a drop or two of lavender or Jasmine oil. 


Take a small amount in your hand and scrub across your face or body. Scrub well for 15mins before washing off with water. 


I was a little sceptical about putting these dried out petals on my face, I did not know if I would develop a rash or pimple. As I do have sensitive skin. But I’m taken aback!! This is excellent ❤ okay so how it works is the Rose petals leave behind their rosey red hues,but the skin absolutely shines (no wonder the Mughal princesses bathed in them) 

The oil moisturizes your skin, giving it that glow from within. Trust me you wouldn’t reach out for that highlighter!! 

My ratings for this are 9/10 ! 

Go check it out and let me know how it turned out for you. If you like what I do make sure you tell your friends and follow me. I would love to hear from you. Make sure you check out my contacts page as well. 

Until next time – keep it simple 😘


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