Easy Valentine’s Hairstyles 

Hey beautifuls. I hope you are enjoying my content , I want to thank you all for trusting me and giving me these immense responses this 2017, and I promise to make it more interesting these coming days.

So today we dwell into the world of Hairstyles. I see a lot of women know only 2 kinds either you pull up a ponytail or you leave it down. But that necessarily needn’t be the case you need to explore and try out new ones as well. 

And just so you know, my entire blogging career also started out because of Hairstyles. How glad am I!! 

1. Half-up & Half-down 

If you are confused about whether to wear it down or up make it simple and go the ariana grande way. Do a half up pony . I know most of us have tried this and have failed. But it’s pretty easy guys. 

Taking the crown section of your hair comb it through well , and now back comb this section. This will give you volume, also this will be useful if you have very thin hair. 

Now secure your hair with a hair tie and make sure you go tight ! Once you are done , pull out loose strands to give it that edgy feel. You can also back comb the remaining section for extra volume or use a hairspray for texture. 

2. The Elegant braid 

Okay the name has no significance but this is basically for those who just want to keep it neat and out of the face or shoulder. Perfect for the off shoulder or tube tops.

You start off with parting your hair and bring it to a single side, now take 2 parts and create a rope braid for your hair and tie it with a hair tie. Now I have used a stone studded hair tie that you could easily find at your local stores this will help stand out the braid even more.

You can accesorise this , the way you want I simply added a stone pin to the bang section of my hair, again ensuring that the strands are loose and framing my face. 

3. The adventures queen 

So you are the person with a different taste you are the opposite of safe but you still want to be classy this v-day, well I’ve got you covered. 

This is basically the Khloe Kardashian braid but put up in buns. All you have to do is part your hair in the way you like it and create pony tails of both the section. Now twist either off these sections into a messy bun and secure with Bobby pin. 

I’ve gone a little further and also added a hair accessory. This black & gold metallic chain is from Toniq accessories India. 

 Hope you liked this edition. If you want to see more or learn, let me know! Meanwhile do check out my Instagram profile to see my birthday post. 

Until next time much love to my valentine’s ❤!! 


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