Winning Giveaways and Building / Creating looks 

Hey loves ! Welcome back to another blog post. 2016 has definitely been a blessing in disguise for me as far as my blog career goes. I found you guys and I’m growing slowly but steadily in something that I believe in . 

Past few months there have been a heck  lot of giveaways that happened on Instagram. And believe it or not guys I participated in nearly 50 giveaways , yes shockingly. Apart from hosting one myself

So here’s what I won: 

1. City colour -Violet blue color liner

2.Sephora- Waterproof emerald green liner

3.Colorbar- Crème Sheer Lip colour in Orange bliss

4.Sephora – Matte long stay lip colour in Rouge 

5. Sephora- nail colour in orange

6. Colorbar- Gel nail color in Rouge 

So I’ve tried to create 4 looks using only these products. 

Look 1 : Colour Block 

Using the sephora liner I’ve lined my lids this striking green and completed with a pink lip also from sephora. 

Look 2: Pink Goddess 
Winging the liner using an angled brush tip to give that perfect finish, I’ve added the pink lip. You can powder some blush but don’t overdo it.Finishing off the nails with colorbar rouge. 

Look 3: Desi Goth
Okay, so this look is definitely not for the faint hearted, but there are several risk takers that might connect with this one. Taking my violet blue liner I’ve used this as a lipshade and same black liner. You can seal the deal with black polish or black bindi. But remember to keep it simple . This way your look will stand out ! 

Look 4: Soft Coral 
This is a more soft natural and everyday look. I carry this look for office due to its subtle tone. Taking the colorbar Orange bliss crème lip colour and soft lining the lids , I’ve added the sephora nail colour in Coral Orange. 

Well that was something ! I enjoyed doing this guys, let me know what else you want to see. Don’t forget to follow me on my social accounts, Instagram link Is available in my homepage. Till next time keep it classy 😋


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