Why I don’t wear Kajal anymore 

Hey guys! So if you are following me on Instagram, you would have known that I did have a new year giveaway. So please do follow me on social media so you don’t miss out on the chance to win some exciting goodies. 

So in this post I’m going to be talking about how Kajal has overtaken our daily routines and why you need to stop wearing it regularly. And for those of you wondering, yes this will be a personal experience blog post. 

Kohl or Kajal and in some places also referred to as the Waterliner is usually a black pigment that is used to highlight the Waterline of the eye to help make the eyes look bigger. Widely used in the US and Asian countries the variations are self explanatory – the common conception that Asian eyes are small!

Yes, I do agree and I used to   swear by the Kohl pencil myself until a couple of months back. So here are the top reasons why you need to stop using one : 

*They do more harm than good. Some manufacturers might not have good ingredients and they end up harming your sensitive skin. You can opt for herbal based Kohl or make your own Kohl. 

*Homemade or self made kajal is good for skin and lasts long. The ingredients include coal, almonds and essential oils. What more can we ask for ?

*No matter how much manufacturers stress on the word Smudge proof we all end up with a little bit of product to scrap off using makeup remover. The benefit is not negligible- they last long . But is it worth it ? 

* The world has moved on. Yes, my final persuasion to you would be that the Kardashiands no longer use Kohl ! 

So if that was convincing enough guys. You would ask me what would be an alternative. So here is my list: 

1. Mascara- I now swear by the Mascara and it’s various wands. Guys go get one! whether you are Asian or British the trend is to slack up those lashes and slay!! Understanding your lash and how you want to wear it will be the first questions you need to answer. 

To help you out i have listed out mascaras based on uses: 

For a brilliant party look try the volume millions by L’oreal Paris. 

Maybellines ranges are Drugstore makeup goals , you could probably own all of them! 

For a softer or daily look you can opt for the elf or nyx wands. 

Also a quick tip, choose your mascara wand wisely! If you want me to write a seperate article on this, do let me know.

2. Use liquid/marker lines- they get you the perfect winged liner every time and they are so easy to use , beginners friendly. 

3. Coat those lower lashes – the trick is to slay either sides of your lashes and appear to make it open up . Check it out

4. Color them out – use colorful eye pencils if you want to highlight. They can do wonders if you get the right tone for your skin color. Here I am rocking a violet blue 

That’s it guys, over and out. Hope this was fun to read through. You can always get to me with feedback I’ll happy to respond to everyone. Until next time keep slaying sweety . 


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