Product Review: VEET Hair Removal + Brightening Cream

Hey guys! So this is my first ever product review and as much as I am excited, I’m planning to do more later on as well. So the product that I’ll be reviewing today is the Veet Brightening Hair removal cream.


So the usage of the product is quite same, the standard. You can refer to the instruction sheet or the back of the product. If you have been using Veet or any other hair removal cream, you must know the drill.


The uniqueness of this product that I haven’t seen in any hair removal cream so far is something called the Microbead technology. The cream contains these tiny little beads which will help remove dead skin cells and get your skin looking a few shades brighter


So the product comes in a standard Tube filled with 25g of the product – for me personally though this tube is only for a single use (It didn’t last much) and there is a plastic spatula along with an instruction sheet. Kudos to the team though because their instruction sheet now comes in a single page- rather the old notebook format flyer which was a burden! The pricing is also pretty decent at INR 59.00 for 25G worth of product and depending on your use it could be beneficial.


Also they had a brightness meter from 12 being the darkest to 1 the lightest tone. So you can identify your colour upgrade and see if that works for you. So my shade was on a 9 as you can see below and I decide to put it to the test. Post my usage I saw that I was a shade lighter, I am now a 7!


For those of you wondering, I am a Dry to Oily skin tone and the product may vary from skin to skin types.


Quality: 4/5

Quantity: 3/5

Packaging: 5/5

Does it Work: Yes!

That’s it guys, let me know if you are interested for any other product review from me. Toodles!


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