Best and Worst Fashion Trends in 2016

Hey guys! Long time since I wrote a post here. But it’s good to be back! So as I promised and if you have been following me on my Instagram page, you would have known that I will be throwing it back this month for a short recap of what happened this year.

So let’s kick start this one!

*2016 Worst Trends

Extremely distressed jeans

Don’t get me wrong guys, but I am the biggest fan of Jeans the entire jean culture and the latest distressed / patched jean. But what’s with the extremely distressed jean! Like there is barely no material left!

Here are some misfits:



Like seriously, what is the point of even wearing them, you’d rather wear booty shorts. This trend needs to die in 2016!

Caged skirts

Okay so this one is completely based on personal preference, and I’ve seen a lot of bloggers out there rock them. So you can be reading this and yet think to yourself I don’t mind wearing them but guys, I for one definitely think this is another trend that should never make it to 2017. The reasons are simple and apparent- they make you feel caged and it’s a trap I say!

Here are some misfortunes:



Flower crown

Okay this is not completely relevant to what is being discussed in this forum and I am a victim too, but crowns and especially flower crowns are so done this season! We need to think of alternate hair accessories- we aren’t in Greek era you know


Emoji clothing

Ahem! I feel this should have been on top of our list. Anyway, if you were ever in India in the recent past you must know that the trend here with clothes has taken new heights. This has to stop and now! Ever heard of Whatsapp Saree – these prints are huge I say!


Guys, no please stop it!

*2016 Best Trends

Off shoulder

This trend including the others in this list have made a comeback from the 60’s – 90’s era and that’s what makes these trends unbeatable! Off shoulder tops, t-shirts or dresses are so elegant and suit all body types. This is one that needs to walk straight into 2017

Denim skirts

Although much of this trend started towards the end of this year I promise you that this trend is here to stay for 2017 as well. These 80’s rockers definitely are wardrobe essentials.


Vintage chokers

The 90’s would have been incomplete without them and now our list would be too! I love these Chokers and they have reintroduced them in Velvets and Attached dress choker styles as well. So innovative. This is one trend that will see the daylight this 2017!



Talk about the 70’s pants being experimented! If you weren’t already aware the Culottes that I wrote about earlier on this year all kicked off because of this one massive fashion statement. Palazzos are now being experimented with Indian fusion wear along with anarkali’s and long suits. They are definitely your “Indian Wedding” Must haves!


There are so many more beautiful trends we saw this year, but I’ve listed only the top ones in Indian market. Do get back to me if I have missed to mention any of your hates/ faves.

Until next time- Have a safe weekend ya’ll!


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