Fashion: Velvets

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Fashion blog. Back in the 90’s velvets were a huge deal. Anyone who sported them in India were considered fashion forward and from a different level. I’m not sure how, but fast forward 2016 we are looking at Velvets being a trend again, and I’m pretty sure they are here to stay for the year 2017. So don’t wait around you can totally invest in this material ‘cause it ain’t going nowhere bud!

Although I had to agree that somewhere between the millennium to a few years back- nobody wanted to sport them, we had good alternatives. But with the advent of amazing cuts and material ideas Velvets have been made a whole new level amazing if I may say!

So here are a few ways you can bring the trend back and sport them. Bring the ‘90s back!


I found some great outfits and you guys need to check this out!

Slip on dresses are so in, you need to fill your wardrobe with them. Check out this pink Velvet Slip –on perfect for those Afternoon Lunches.


A waterfall front jacket is a fashion basic, check this piece from in deep burgundy.



Budget Friendly Alternative:




Check out these hot pieces from – I am huge fan girl. So much Love!






You can find more at: If you are from the USA. They have amazing collection. They DO NOT SHIP TO INDIA. L


So guys this is a new section I am introducing, a lot of times we are caught up with getting The Perfect Dress  for wither Prom or a Date and this will section will help you resolve most of your questions.

I found this Berry Red Beautiful Body con in velvet finish. Buy from StalkBuyLove:


If you are a fashion risk taker I would suggest you go bold with this soft pink Bandeau and Pant Velvet Co-ord from Shein


That’s it gals! Hope you had fun. This is definitely the trend to look out for 2017! Till then Happy Thanksgiving. Love you all!!


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