October: Festival- Diwali Countdown Post 2

Hi again guys, in my previous post I spoke about the delicious and easy to make recipes at home for Diwali. Today we are going to talk about how to get your house decorated!

You would have definitely come across diyas and flowers being sold at the local stores but today we are going to see how to lighten up your rooms in better ways using fun alternates.



*Canister Turned hanging Diyas


You must have a couple of Canister glass jars lying at home. We can turn these into hanging diyas for decoration all around your house.

What You Need:

-Canister Jars (As much as you like)

-Floating Candles

-Sand / Glitter



In a canister jar pour either some sand / glitter half way and place the floating candle inside. Light up the candle inside and tie a rope around the rim of the glass jar and make sure that you have two hanging pieces at either ends of the jar. We ensure this is done so that jar doesn’t fall over one end from the weight of the candle / sand.

Hang the long ends of the rope to the ceiling / pillars of your house. And your very own Canister Diya is ready!!

*Fairy Lights

The best fun way to turn your house around without the use of diyas (Or if you do not have access to them) is by fairy lights. The versatility of their use and how much fun it is to use them, makes this my favourite part.


You can simply hang them in the places around your hallway or upholsters to make it look classy. Make sure you always hang them against the wall or pillar. This way your house will look spacious and free yet elegant.


If you have a beautiful garden you can always wrap them around your trees, pillars to your green house.


If you have canister jars lying around, you can always throw some fairy lights in and place them in any corner of your house. This will brighten up your place and make it look so sophisticated!!

 *Stencil Rangoli

If you have always had difficulty to get the perfect rangoli out, or if you simply wanted a good entrance then look no further.

Itsy Bitsy offers variety of stencil cut outs that are small and elegant enough to fit into your doorstep/ home. Simply place the stencil in where you like and sprinkle Rangoli / colour powder over it.

You can make it as creative as possible by mixing 2 -3 shades together and giving it texture. Remove the stencil carefully and voila! The best perfect rangoli. Check out the below links now:



That’s all folks! Join me next for Diwali on my Instagram and Snap stories to check out what I’m up to.

Until then have a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Noiseless Diwali 🙂

Spread Love!



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