An Indians Guide to Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on the last day of the month of October. This month Halloween falls on 31st a Monday. Usually celebrated the night before All Hallows / Saints day which falls on November 1st every year. Legend has it that this festival is celebrated to remember all the departed souls and has Celtic origins.

This picture shows how people playing divination games 
A Samhain (saw-hain) painting of the celtic era

Here are some fun ways to prep up for Halloween, Check out these sites for costume ideas. They ship to India as well!




And we have some for the less adventurous as well:



For more you can check out:

They have a beautiful collection this Halloween!

Party Props:

What’s a Halloween without the right props. So here are some options you can buy out:



Also check out:


Let me know how your looks turned out. Use Hash tag #Theallthingsgurl . Happy Spook filled Halloween!


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