October: Festival – Dussehra

Dussehra, Vijaydashmi or Ayudhpuja is celebrated with immense enthusiasm in India and Sri Lanka. The victory of Good over evil and burning Dashin or Ravan in the fire symbolizes this.

It all starts with the Ramayana- an epic which talks about the story of Ram, Sita and Lakshman the  holy book for Hindus. If you are interested for a read. Click on below:


Here are some stunning Images from India, celebrating this 10 day long festival:

Durga Puja Celebrated at Kolkata – West Bengal 
Golu – celebrated in the south parts of India
Dandiya or Garba dance in West India
Dussehra celebrations across India


Also literally translated as 9 nights, celebrated in parts of Northern India. People are awake all night playing Garba and warding off evil.



This is celebrated in South India and is mainly the placing of Idols and all other toys to ward off evil from entering the house. It is a display of all the goodness reaped throughout the year.



The celebration with the idol of Maa Durga. Mostly celebrated in East India. It includes Pooja’s that last days and application of the red Tilak on the forehead.


Season’s Favourite:

*Hair Accessories


I am lusting on these beauties! What defines elegance in a women more than these beautiful pieces Check out these links to shop:







*Maang Tikas


Although this is a bridal essential over the years women have started incorporating them in regular/ western outfits. Here are some, I found interesting on the web:







bridal-jhumka-collection-2015 (4).jpg

Every Ethnic outfit’s essential accessory to complete the look would be a stunning statement / antique piece earring / jhumka. Here are some stunners for you, enjoy:






And that’s a wrap on this edition Ladies! Hope this editorial quirked some ideas to revamp your style for this Navaratri season! Happy Dussehra to you guys and make sure you stay safe!

You can reach out to me at: rashmi7293@gmail.com , I would love to look at your work on Instagram, DM me at: Rash_gurlsquad. If you love my work, I’m open for collaborations from India in Bangalore and Chennai locations.

Until Next Time- Keep it Classy!


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