Health: One Product Wonder- TESTED

Hey guys! If you have been following me on my Snapchat stories you would have known that I am really into the world of Skincare now and I am constantly up to something getting ingredients learning the types of usage- whatever. Name and I would have done it. This may be a small post compared to my earlier ones, but useful for you none the less.


The fact that Chemicals cause damage is worry enough and our skin has to go through all those rough products that come with it! If you want to really maintain healthy skin then it’s better to treat it naturally.

The One Product Wonder I will be talking about here are Lemons.


Lemons are such versatile fruits. It falls under the citric family of Oranges and Grapefruit but it has got amazing properties that will benefit your body from outside and from within.

Before we start off, I wanted to let you guys know that all these below tricks are tested by me and they work exceptionally well. Please do consult a doctor or if you are allergic or are prone to Acne. Although Lemon works well for all skin types!

External Usage


If you do have a symptom called Melasma, which is basically hyperpigmentation of the skin causing to be a few shades darker than your normal skin then Lemons are here for your rescue.

Check out this site to get more details on Melasma and Hyperpigmentation:

Add a teaspoon of Lemon juice to the same quantity of Yogurt (Curd) and Honey, mix and apply on affected areas- Leave to dry for 30 mins. Cleanse with normal water.

If you are not okay with the usage of Curd or Milk products and alternative is to use again a teaspoon of lemon juice with a small slice of Pineapple and honey. Crush and mix well together. Apply on affected area and leave for 20 – 30 mins.

You ought to see results in 30 – 60 days if used daily.


*Teeth Whitener

We all love our pearly whites don’t we! And the citric property of the lemon help it to cleanse the plaque and yellow stain from our teeth.

Use a Lemon slice that is slightly big than normal and make sure it fits in your mouth against your teeth, add some Baking Soda in the lemon and place it on your teeth for 20 – 30 mins. Make sure that you do not swallow the soda although a little amount wouldn’t cause any harm!

Do this regularly once in a week for better results!


*Underarm odor

This tip is sourced by @Farahdhukai (PS- I love her).

Opting for a slice of lemon instead of a deodorant and rubbing it on your underarms keeps you feeling fresh and helps you smell fresh.


*Dandruff Regulator

On a dry scalp apply directly the juice of a lemon. Make sure that only your scalp and roots are covered. Leave it on for about 20 – 30 mins and rinse off with Shampoo.

Doing this regularly once a week for 1 – 2 months will drastically show you difference in your dandruff.


*Pedicure Substitute

Do you need a pedicure but want to save the time going to the salon? Lemons are the perfect solution.

Soaking your feet in a warm water with a few drops of glycerine and Lemon juice will get your feet soft and will remove any Tan.


Health Benefits on Consumption

*Skin Purifier

Drinking a glass of Lemon juice early in the morning or before you consume any other type of food in the morning. Lemon helps purify the skin and will keep it supple throughout the day!



Having a glass of Lemon juice when you are dehydrated will help retain energy in your body and will refresh you for the rest of the day


*Weight Management

To a glass of warm water add a few teaspoons of Honey and Lemon juice. Have this on daily basis for few weeks to see results in your body weight.


That’s all folks! Hope the info given is useful for you. Spread the love – Let your friends know about this website. Let me know for any other queries, please feel free to write to me at . I’m also open for collaborations if I find your product interesting.

Follow my daily life on Snapchat- Rash_boo or Insta stories at Rash_gurlsquad.

Until Next Time- Be Healthy!


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