Fashion and Trending Now: Soft Ruffles

Hello my beauties. I know it has been so long since I last post something! But do bear with me and I will make sure we get some hot topics served out from here! So to kick start things I have seen people loving this section of my blog- Trending Now. As you would have seen previously as well, most of my predictions were bang on with the Culottes and the off shoulders being the most worn garment this season (woo-hoo)

So this month we will be exploring the world of Ruffles and how you can wear them for any type of body type that you are. We have already seen our favourite celebs sporting them, let’s see the hits and misses.



Starting things off with Katy Perry, she wore this feather ruffled mermaid style red gown to the Cannes Film Festival this year. This is such a HIT! We love the bell hands and almost sheer detailing.


Michelle Monaghan wore this outfit to the Met Gala earlier this year. Although the silhouette does look decent, the material is a big fail. This sure is a MISS! Although this is the Met Gala by Vogue- celebs are seen experimenting mostly, we could let this one pass!


Blake Lively at the Cannes Red Carpet my friends I’ve spoken enough as she shows us all how to strut it right! And boy are we happy about that. This beautiful Cinderella inspired ball gown with soft ruffles is a piece any girl would want in her wardrobe. This is a HIT!

Material and Fit:

The most important step is to understand the type of cut or style that this is. A Ruffle needs to be placed as a soft compliment to the dress itself. The placement of the ruffle and the length it would run is also crucial. Also what is most important would be the material and how that would fit you.

Some people are comfortable with a loose ruffle and short length, some would need a train run of ruffle with the fit of a glove. So it depends on what you feel comfortable in, remember comfort is the key to fashion!

*Soft Ruffles

A Satin, chiffon or tulle material would help you get that soft ruffle. Get some inspiration here:




*Hard Ruffle

The material used here is Cotton and they make such good cheats! So if you wanted to hide a part of your body that of late, So the cheat is- you get a ruffled dress/ top/ skirt and voila you have yourself the perfect getaway. As the material is sturdy unlike Soft ruffles it would help give a uniform look to your silhouette.





Okay guys so that was enough lecture on that. Now let’s move on where to shop them!

So I found this beautiful site which sells Ruffle materials online and you could purchase them based on the length required. It comes in handy when you want to stich yourself one:

I’m absolutely digging this Forever 21 mini Chiffon ruffle dress, the colour is flirty and fun. Also we are loving plunging necklines at the moment


If you want to splurge on the most ravishing dress ever, check out this Ox-blood off shoulder Ruffle bodycon by Koovs:


Afford this chiffon classic white ruffled top from Miss Chase for Rs.869, which is roughly $13.09


And that’s a wrap on this edition! If you do want to know more you can always reach out to me, my details are listed below. Toodles!

 If you have feedback on me or my work do feel free to write to me at or you can leave a message at my Facebook page under the same name: Theallthingsgurl. I would love for you to get your queries answered, you can DM me on my Instagram page rash_gurlsquad. Use #Theallthingsgurl or #Gurlsquad to let me know how your looks turned out!



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