September 02: Celebrity Inspiration

Hey Guys! Happy September. So guess who we are talking about this month.

Hailee Steinfeld:


Born on December 11th 1996 (She is younger than me boo-hoo) , she has truly become a teen icon for many. Her parents brought her up in the city if Los Angeles. She took up to acting inspired by her Maternal Cousin.

Hailee has acted in a ton of short films to get the hang of acting in front of the camera. But her true breakthrough happened when she was shortlisted amongst 15k kids to play the character of Mattie Ross in True Grit. She was also nominated for Academy Awards for Best Supporting Role.


If you thought her skills laid only with Acting, well you’re wrong! She is also a popular Singer. If you remember the song Stiches by Shawn Mendez (Yes, that chart topper). Hailee Steinfeld has done collaboration with him on the song. She has also released her own album since!

September 2016- Seventeen Magazine

Bagging this month’s cover she looks every bit relaxed and comfy in her shoot. Take a look:


Get the Look:

So let’s break down this look. We have her wearing a fun printed cardigan as a top and a printed viscose shorts. This look is so easy and fun you can wear it to the movies or sleep in it for a sleepover! Her hair is down and overall this is an effortless style statement.

Here are a few pieces that you can own and create your own look, I also have the Affordable option ones that you can buy even when you’re broke:



Pair this with this Vero Moda printed shorts:



Pair it with these amazing Floral shorts:




Pair it with these amazing shorts from Amazon:


For more collections on printed cardigans, make sure you check out:


And That’s a wrap! Hope you guys had fun reading about how you can create fun and comfy looks in a budget. To know more updates make sure you follow me on WordPress. I’m also on Facebook, make sure you like my page: Theallthingsgurl. I would love to hear from you, please write to: If you want to see what I’m upto daily you can follow me on Snapchat: rash_boo

Until Next Time- Keep It Stylish!



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