Makeup: Basic Skin & Haircare

Hello people! It’s been long since I posted on this section. To understand the world of makeup we need to first get our basics right. We need to dwell deeply into the world of skin types, undertones and colour schemes.

You might have this question as to why do I need to go through this, but this my friend is the science that might help you look, feel and wear products better.


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? It covers most parts of your body and acts as the first layer of defence.


Sunscreen is your best friend- As I have stressed in my earlier posts Sunscreen is a must for every individual despite you staying indoors also the harmful particles from the sun manage to enter the atmosphere. Also the claims that most of the sunscreens last long is totally FALSE. Sorry to burst your bubble but we need on a regular basis application for every 3- 4 hours. (Yep!)

Sunscreen’s come in the following 2 variants:

*UVA protection-

Any sunscreen that has UVA protection stands for Ultraviolet Anti-ageing properties.

*UVB protection-

Sunscreens that help protect from tanning and help in even toning the skin

Tip: Always opt for a 25++ SPF UVA / UVB protection

Moisturize to be on fleek- You read that right. To perfect that base of yours you need an investment in a good quality Moisturizer. I recommend the Cetaphil moisturizer for longer hours of wear and to help get that base right.

Shop here:

Scrub & Exfoliate- The pores on your skin tend to trap the oil and dirt hence it is important to wash your face well with plain water. Skin needs regular exfoliation. Scrubbing out the dirt particles is also one way of exfoliation. Use a good quality scrub to keep those pores squeaky clean.


Toner for oily face- If you have Normal to oily skin tone. Remember to use a toner on these areas. The primary use of this product is that it will help control the glands from secreting oil.

When do I need a Hand / Nail /Foot cream?

If you feel that you have dry scale like cells in either your hand/ foot areas then they are in need of extensive moisturizing. People will mostly feel these conditions also due to the climatic conditions that live in. If these conditions persist it is better to see a doctor and consult for further medications.


Let me know if you want a post on identifying the skin types.




Balms and Essential Oils- Lips unlike the skin lack fat glands and tend to get dry pretty easily. Hence it is essential to moisturise them at regular interval. You can also try the variants of using oils on your lips. For example Coconut oil can be applied directly on lips.

I recommend the Intense Lip Balm: Baby Lips


If you have been noticing Dark circles and puffiness in your eyes it means they need rejuvenation. Use of Aloe gel and cucumber gel can lighten the dark areas. Potatoes can also be used to help bleach out but do beware that over usage can cause skin to dry out completely.

I recommend the use of Under Eye creams as well in case you want to fast forward the process:


If you suffer from thinned out Lashes and poorly grown eyebrows. You can opt for Castor oil.


Here is a recipe that will help you grow those lashes/ brows long and thick:

  1. Castor Oil + Almond Oil + Coconut Oil
  2. Mix these oils in a pan and bring to heat on medium flame
  3. Once they are good enough, let them cool down in normal temperature
  4. Apply gently in lash are and brow area. Leave overnight.
  5. Repeat process for 4- 6 weeks for best results.



“You are what you eat” they say and your hair is the best example. If you suffer from Dandruff and hair fall then you need a change in your diet. A good healthy diet based on the problems you are suffering from can create ripples of change in the way your hair feels.

Here are some home remedies:

Shining & Nourished hairUse Egg whites separated from yolk and apply on your hair strands. Egg white is a natural conditioner and will help nourish your hair and give it that shine!

VolumeYou can make a paste of Hibiscus powder and apply directly on scalp and roots to help give volume.

Dandruff- The only natural chemical less way to treat Dandruff is to apply a mix of Lemon juice and Yogurt on your scalp and hair. Let the mix sit for a good few hours before you wash off with shampoo.


That’s all folks! Hope these remedies work miracles for you! Let me know if I have missed out listing anything. Keep in touch at:

Until next time- Keep it real!


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