Lifestyle: Women’s Fragrance Edition

Hey lovelies! Happy Independence Day to my readers hope your holiday was fun. This week we dwell into the luxury world of Perfumes and Eau De Toilettes.
It’s hard to explain why we associate luxury and perfumes but back in the days a women was considered as from the high society by the way she dressed and smelt. As only a women from higher class had access to these good fragrance oils it was always related to better lifestyle.
So that’s enough history on how we landed here. I’m here to break it down for you my ladies (You can thank me later)
Q. What is Perfume and Toilette / why do we have so many names, when they all cordially mean the same
So basically the entire science is around the concentration levels of the perfume / oil used in the mix. The Essences are named from the Highest to the lowest levels of Concentration.
1. Perfume
2. Eau De Parfum
3. Eau De Toilette
4. Eau De Cologne
A cologne has the least concentration ranging from 2-5% perfume oil. Followed by Eau De Toilette containing 4-10%, Eau De Parfum has 8-15% and a Perfume which is sometimes referred to as Extrait contains 15-25%!

Q. What is the difference between a Deodorizer and a Perfume?
A Deodorizer is applied directly on the body whereas Perfume is sprayed on Clothes. Also the concentration level is much different with Perfume again having the highest concentration.

High End Perfumes you ought to know:
1. Chanel : Chance Chanel


Priced at a whooping 15k in India and $79.99 Dollars in the USA Market, this is the most Hyped and talked about perfume.

2.Burberry : Women Eau De Parfum


Priced at 3.7k in Indian rupee

3.Givenchy : Very Irresistible



Priced at 3K to 5k range in India

  1. Escada


Priced between 5k to 7k in India


  1. Davidoff – Sea Water Rose


Priced between 1k to 2k in India

Now that we know our perfumes let’s get onto my top picks for women on a budget.

 International Affordable Fragrances

 1. Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette


Shop here:–parfum/japanese-cherry-blos/japanese-cherry-blossom-eau-de-toilette/pid-3368271.aspx

Priced at $25.35 and 1,695 Indian Rupee.

2.Euphoria by Calvin Klein


Shop here:

Priced at $22.09 and 2,700 Indian Rupee

3.Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden


Shop here:,default,sc.html

Priced at $27.05 and 1,811 Indian Rupee

Indian Affordable Fragrances


  1. Chastity Pour Femme EDP


Shop here:

Priced at rupees 784

2.Titan Skinn – Nude


Shop here:

Priced at 950 Indian Rupee

3.Benetton Hot EDT


Shop here:

Priced at 645 Indian Rupee

4.Udv Chic Isseme Women


Shop here:

Priced at 579 Indian Rupee

5.Revlon Charlie Red EDC


Shop here:

Priced At 445 Indian Rupee

6.Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil


Shop here:–parfum/amazonian-wild-lily/amazonian-wild-lily-perfume-oil/pid-3368279.aspx

Priced at 895 Indian Rupee

That smelt amazing! Hope you guys had as much fun reading as I had drafting this for you. If you have any feedback on my work or if you want to collaborate with me, please feel free to write to me:

Disclaimer: The Images Used for this article have been sourced at Google.

 I would like to extend thanks for the support I received from Akshatarai Ulpe a dear colleague who helped me draft this article.  Her expertise in fragrances and pocket friendly collections are astonishing. Thanks.

Until Next Time- Keep it Simple 🙂


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