Back 2 School: Food Hacks

Hey ladies, it has been a while since I put up my personal space blog and this one is dedicated to all those moms out there who are getting back to form with Schools reopening this month. This will be a purely recipe based blog although I’m not an expert cook or critic! But I was a kid a while back and I enjoyed making these simple and scrumptious recipes, so please do note I have actually tried these ones

*Oreo Milkshake:

Fond memories come back to me even taking the name of this one. Oreo is a staple biscuit product that we can make so much out of! It actually amazes me that a biscuit can be of so much use to make other products. This is a very simple and effortless recipe.


Oreo – Large Packet

Ice Cream – Vanilla / Chocolate flavour, 5-6 scoops

Milk- 250 ml


Crush the Oreo biscuits into a blender and add the ice cream scoops along with the milk. Blend until the texture is perfect for a milkshake. Do not blend until smooth as we need to keep the texture crunchy. In a separate bowl crush the Oreo biscuits without the cream and add this is a topping to the shake. Serve Chilled!



*Fruit Kebab

Kids can be hard and making them eat fruits or veggies can be quite a task. So to make it fun, why not make a kebab stick and let them have fun. There are 2 alternates to make depending on how your child likes it, the roasted fruit skewer and non-roasted fresh ones!


For Roasted:

Pineapples, Pears, Apples, Paneer/ Tofu (If required) – cubed


Grapes, Papayas, Watermelons, Guava – Sliced


Use a skewer and fix the slices on the skewer carefully. For the roast fruits all you need to do is use a barbeque station / direct heat (stove) to roast all sides of the fruits roughly for few seconds or until light brown. If you are also skewing in the paneer / tofu – make sure they are partially cooked separately and skewed on later for a light toast. Serve with a sweet dip if required, but I personally like it as it is.

For the non-roast simply skew the fruits and add Chat masala to the slices and serve! You can experiment all you want with this one.

For bite sized delicacies for your little one, you can always use a toothpick


*Chicken Cheese Balls

For all the parents having trouble with their kids having non veg. This one needs to bring in a bit of relief.


Minced Chicken (500 gms)

Salt – according to taste

Chili powder – 1  tsp

Crushed Corn flakes – 1 cup

Egg yolks – 2

Oil (for frying)

Herbs & Cheese- Mozarella (if required)


In a bowl mix the minced chicken with salt, chili powder and egg yolks to make a binding mixture. If you want the spicy Indian Chicken you can also opt for Chicken masala / Chicken 65 masala that is easily available in the market. You can also add in herbs of your choice for extra flavour and also grate in some cheese in this mixture.

Make balls with this mixture and if this is runny you can always use Maida to correct the texture. Once rolled into balls, skew then into sturdy toothpicks. Lay flat the crushed cornflakes and roll the balls so that they stick evenly to the chicken marinate.

Deep fry the balls in a pan with oil and remove when golden brown. Skew the balls into toothpicks and serve with a sweet and spicy dip.


*No Bake – Nutella Cake

This is again another fun recipe that kids will love to snack on. And when there is Nutella involved, who would even say no! Not even us adults. Yum!


Marie Biscuits – 1 pack

Unsalted (Cooking) Butter – 1 cup

Cream Cheese – 1 cup

Nutella – 1 jar


Crush the digestive biscuits and mix these crumbs with unsalted butter. Line this crumble mix at the bottom of a cake tin. This will give the cake a good foundation to stand on a crisp at the bottom. Refrigerate this for 2-3 hours

Next mix together a jar of Nutella with Cream Cheese and pour this mixture into the tin where we have the set crumble mix. Refrigerate this again for 4-5 hours or until it is set.

Remove the tin and cut into bit-sized slices. Heavenly!


*Veggie Roll:

Simple and trusted recipe for ages. This one is bound to get your favourite school time snack option as well.


Rotis (Ready-made or fresh) – a few

Sweet corn nibbles – 1 tin

Bell Pepper (All colours) – 3 or 4


Onion – 1 shredded

Tomato Puree


In a pan heat with a little oil, finely shredded onions. We are basically trying to get the onions to melt so that we get that sweet onion sauce. Let it sit in the heat until is well softened and brown. Add the tomato puree to this and let the onion soak in it. Getting kids to eat veggies is hard, so we are breaking this down.

Next add in the bell peppers for colour, use the green, yellow and red for that vibrant look. Add the (pre-cooked) sweet corn kernels and let this mix sit on the heat for a few minutes. Once done remove from heat.

Use readymade Rotis or fresh ones and spread this mixture on it. Pour in some mayo sauce or any other sauce that you prefer of your choice. If your kid loves Cheese, then well you’re the boss! Go ahead and chose your ingredients!

Tip: Chicken/ fish can also be added if you need a protein based roll


That’s all Folks! If you have any scrumptious recipe or if you want to feature in my blog as a home cook please write to me at: , I’d love to have you on board my team!

For more please do follow me and let me know your thoughts and feedback on what you felt!

Until Next Time- Keep it Simple!


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