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After a massive and positive response to our last post, I’m really thankful to the public who had great things to say! We are hoping to continue the tradition with this post. My dear friend will take over this post for the love of art and interiors..

This post will talk about the different styles on Interiors and how they work for different clients.

  1. Contemporary Style

It comes with an expiry date i.e, it is an ever changing style. There is nothing new or innovative implemented – it is only the use of borrowing different styles from different eras. It mainly focuses on the use of definite shapes. Some characteristics of this style include Large windows, Odd or Unique shapes, Harmony in placement of furniture, Landscaping etc. This design mostly combines natural elements Eg: Stone cladding. Others include:


*Veneer polishing

*Warm colours

*Wooden frames


Contemporary- Living Room


Contemporary- Bedroom


Contemporary- Kitchen


Contemporary- Washroom

2. Classic style


The style which never changes that comes with high detailing elements. This style is that work of art in which bright hues and their different shades are utilised. Their characteristics include:

*Bay Windows

*Large Paintings


*Wood finish products

*Artefacts collection


Classic: Living


Classic: Kitchen


Classic: Bedroom


Classic: Bathroom

3.Classic Reinterpreted style

This style resembles the Classic design however this includes updating modern elements keeping in mind the same style. The characteristics of this design include:

*Surface Painting w/ colours

*Gold & Silver finishes

4.Rustic style

The sense and history of ancient people and the use of raw elements constitutes this design also incorporating nature identical elements. Characteristics include:

*Use of Weather woods (Teak, Banyan)

*Elements without finish and raw look (w/o polish)

*Furniture with Matte finish

*Nature colours like Forest Green, Shaded blue, Khaki colour, Reds & browns.

*Heavy & warm metals are also used

*Hand weaved / stitched fabrics

Rustic: Living Space


Rustic: Kitchen/ Dining
Rustic: Bathroom
Rustic: Bedroom

5.Country Style

It’s a classic style of English and French. This was followed back in 80’s & 90’s. Usage of wood is the most prominent feature in this design. Characteristics include:

*Refreshing & soft colours

*Rugs and patterns

*Traditional Patch works

*Classic Furniture

*Design similar to Cottage style

Country: Living space



english country bathroom designs2.png
Country: Washroom
Country: Kitchen
Country: Bedroom

6.Retro style

Its a style that form in the period of 1950-70. Which consists of geometrical shapes, lines and illustrations.

Retro: Living Space
Retro: Bedroom
Retro: Washroom
Retro: Kitchen

Hope you enjoyed this post and now we are sure you have developed a keen interest on how the wonderful world of interiors works! If you’ve enjoyed these posts and would want to learn more on this, let me know through my social networking sites!

I’m always open to read your thoughts!

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Until Next Time: Keep it Innovative!


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