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Hi Ladies! I love new amazing and budding talents they are the most sought out in the industry right now. This will be a Guest Editorial and I am so happy to introduce her to my lovely readers.

This month we have Lavanya Reddy who is an Interior Designer from Bangalore helping us out. She is a B.Tech graduate in Civil however she wanted to pave a path in Interiors for herself. She dedicated 2 extra years to undergo a Certified Interior Design Course at INIFD Bangalore. Today she is a proud Designer-cum-Process Control Manager at 100 Krafts, Bangalore.

Screenshot of Lavanya’s Visiting Card

What Is Interiors & Why Do I need it?

-A few years ago the only people who would take up the job of designing would be an Architect or a Civil engineer. But with the importance of Detailing and craftsmanship growing, this lead to the rise of and need for a dedicated Interiors Designer.

-2P Theory: The 2P’s here are: Pollution & Population. Pollution is an ever-growing cause for concern and the need to find alternate solutions to tackle this, hence we need to find bio- degradable and eco safe products. Population is affecting the land we live in and in turn is causing encroachment, so it is important to understand the utilization of land and space.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

  • Arranging and Spacing
  • Adding Value to Space and Land
  • Design that Reflects ones personality
  • Eye Catching Detail
  • Create Solutions

Who can be a Designer?

-Any individual who can visualize a space in a creative modem.

-An individual who can Conceptualize and bring to life these creations in real time

-Estimate and Deliver on client budgets.

Real Time: Entertainment Unit
Real Time: Kitchen with Breakfast Unit

Interior Design: Career in India

Before a few years interiors was not a preferred education nor was it valid or given as much importance to as the other qualifications. With growing urbanization people started desiring the need for luxury, hence we term this as “The Art of Beautiful Living”.

Real Time: Foyer Area- Residential

When Can I start?

One can start this as career immediately post completing their PUC / +2 examinations. There is no basic criteria and can be either from Science / Commerce background. For some colleges seats are allotted based on individuals’ talent such as: sketching, handcrafts, good communication and any other innovative initiatives.

Is this an Affordable Option?

Yes! If you have the talent, passion and interest in this field. There is no need to shell out big bucks to get a Degree in Interiors

Here are a list of Government Colleges that offer Interior Designing Programme:

Meet Our Guest Editor:


Name: Lavnaya Reddy Chinta

Interior Designer: 100 Kratfs

She is reachable at:

Mail ID:

Facebook: Lavanya Reddy Chintha

Twitter: @lavanyareddychintha

Hope you found enough insight in the world of Design. If you have any queries you can reach out to Lavanya, she will be more than willing to take up your questions.

If you feel you liked this post and would want to see more posts and get more info on this topic let me know through my Social media sites.

Until next time- Keep it Innovative !




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