June 02: Celebrity Inspiration

Hey Guys, I’ve been caught up in these endless meetings that I barely had time to put up a post on time, so forgive me! But this month we are going International with the one. Oh yes! And it gets better. Say hello to the gorgeous Julia Roberts.


She is an eccentric performer on screen and she is a great person off screen as well. Julia Fiona Roberts was born on October 28, 1967. Her beautiful looks come from her English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Germen and Swedish descent (phew!). She was born a Catholic and was an active part of her school drama and band groups.

Julia debuted in the year 1988 with Satisfaction, in which her talent went unnoticed. However the film that gave her the credit was Pretty Woman in the year 1990. Post the discovery of this talented beauty she has been nominated 4 times for The Academy Award and has won 3 Golden Globe Awards.

Other big franchises that she has been a part of includes: Mystic Pizza (1988), Sleeping With Enemy (1991), Hook (1991), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Notting Hill (1999), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Eat Pray Love (2010).

A Scene from the movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia’s Fitness Routine:

Julia is a big Hollywood star, and like how we know them they love to splurge on being fit and fabulous. Her trainer Kathy Kaehler has been training her personally for the past 10 years, is that amazing or what?

*Monday = Full Body




-Ab- Crunches

*Tuesday = Pilates

*Wednesday = Abs/ Core

*Thursday = Arms / Biceps/ Triceps

*Friday = Yoga

Though this looks completely stressful, on careful analysis of the routine you notice how there is so much of emphasis made on every part of the body and how she ends the entire 5-day routine with calming Yoga.

Instyle Cover:



This June’16 Instyle featured her wearing this beautiful half-white shirt dress. Natural hair and bold jewellery.

I love the shirt dress and if you are innovative you can pair them wisely with your jeggings / leggings. I found something similar with no sleeves, do check this out:

Ajio: Shirt Dress

If you are a sleeve person, Koovs has a similar one:

Koovs: Shirt Dress

Shop similar jewellery here:

PipaBella: Ring

Claire’s: Rose Gold Bracelet

Makeup & Hair:

Julia’s hair and makeup have been kept raw and natural. To get this hair all you have to do is blow dry and with a roller for volume and take a centre parting.

Get the Look:

*Fill your brows with the brow filler and prime your eyes.

*With any nude shade of your choice, go on the eye for your shadow.

*Apply Liner, Kajal and Mascara to finish it off.

*Prime your face and apply foundation with a good quality brush and go on top with concealer.

*Apply the concealer on your under eye area, the ends of your eyes the forehead region.

*Set this with any loose powder.

*For the lipstick, we see she has gone for a nude brown shade.

Jabong: L’oreal Paris Color Riche Beige 630

Budget Friendly:  Amazon: Elle 18 Coffee Creme 39

And that’s all folks!

Hope you found this post interesting do share, like and follow my page for more such amazing updates. I’m all ears to hear your feedback and thoughts on this post and my page.

~Let Me know how your look turned Out, Comment below or use hash tag #theallthingsgurl in your public Instagram page or tweet @rash_cutester so I can have a look at it~

Until Next Time – Keep it Stylish!




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