Corporate Look

Hello again my ladies! Being in the corporate industry for more than a year now has only helped my keen sense of style in the corporate world blossom as well. Whoever said that corporate look is dull boring and everyday drag needs to rethink on that!


Every year we see new designs making the cut into our wardrobes that shows how fashion evolves rapidly. I‘ve found a recent liking to these “culottes” (Pronounced Cull-o-ets) they are an amazing alternative to the formal pants.


The fact that it’s flowy and easy to wear means that it is the best option at office as we do run around a lot and we tend to get entangled in a lot of cloth most of the time! They give us the freedom to move around but still keep the work look going on.


I personally love the ZARA Launch of culottes, they have such amazing designs and prints that I feel every person would find their favourite type in their collection. Check out these designs:


Zara: Formal Culottes

These pants are the perfect definition to kill those culottes at work! Black is a universal colour and it gives you all the freedom to pair them with an amazing blouse of your choice.


Zara: Printed Culottes

And again we have these beautiful floral pants that can be paired with ruffled / cold shoulder tops.


Zara: Lace Culottes

Here we have the Lace versions of these pants they look so feminine and amazing when paired right.


ZARA has other beautiful collections as well, do check out their collections here:

Although there are not many but we do have some Budget Friendly Alternatives as well. Here are some I found:


Amazon: Culottes



Koovs: Culottes


The Desi Twist:

If you are willing to go bold with these, you can also look at pairing them with your Kurta/Kurti and make a statement.


~Let Me know how your look turned Out, Comment below or use hash tag #theallthingsgurl in your public Instagram page or tweet @rash_cutester so I can have a look at it~

If you have suggestions or feedback on my blog, do write to me. I’m happy to read your thoughts!

Until Next Time – Keep It Stylish 😉


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