Mother’s Day – Special Post

Being a Women is only fully complete when you are a Mother, they say. All of our lives we have always been thankful to our Mothers. Right from helping us take our first steps to getting ready for school and packing away our lunches. It is only a mother that truly understands her child.

There is never enough in this world to thank our mothers for. Each step of the way they do what no other person would do. They always go that extra mile to keep us happy and smile. They only want the best for us. We all are thankful to them and this post is a gratitude to every mother out there that has ever struggled to raise her child to keep her happy through all odds.



It’s time we give back to her. Here are some gifts that will bring a smile on her face.

  1. An Elegant Watch

Gift her a timepiece she will remember for a lifetime:

Titan Raga: Watch


Budget Friendly Alternatives

Amazon: Giordano Watch


2.DIY Card

And if you don’t have enough budget, worry not you can always make a gift by yourself. And they also mean a lot more as well 🙂



DIY Cards


3.Prepare a Meal

Yes Ladies, you heard that right. Give her a break and take over the dinner for the day. You will definitely get her to relax more. And all it requires patience from your end.




There’s No better Joy than just throwing away every care in the world and getting that Chocolate Pedi! Send her for a spa experience. Remember to pre book your appointment and time, so there wouldn’t be any last minute rush up.


~Let Me know how your mom loved her gift , Comment below or use hash tag #theallthingsgurl in your public Instagram page so I can have a look at it~


This Post Is Dedicated To The Women Who Fought All The Odds To Raise Me To Make The Women I Am Today. Thank You Mom.


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